In-Home Services

Living on your own or with family members may present a unique set of hurdles that we want to help you overcome. The focus of our support may be to enhance your skills and knowledge, as a person affected by an intellectual or developmental disability, to increase your independence. Our service may take a different shape and be used as a way of providing respite to caregivers within the family.  Pick the areas you believe need to be focused on and we will support you.


Community Habilitation

  • Use public transportation
  • Keep a clean and organized home
  • Pay bills and manage your bank account
  • Gain a companion for medical appointments

We will also accompany you to community events, on shopping excursions or other activities. Our presence will help you feel comfortable and safe, giving you an added level of confidence that someone is with you.


Intensive Behavioral (IB) Services


Family Support Services




Respite Group Recreation