Ellenville Center

Our Ellenville Center, a packaging plant, and a subsidiary of The Arc of Ulster-Greene, offers work to approximately 40 individuals, both with and without disabilities.


The Ellenville Center assembles products for a wide variety of businesses, and began constructing drug test kits in 2003 through a partnership with New York State Industries for the Disabled (NYSID). In August of 2014, NYSID helped Pilot Industries secure the state contract for the Department of Corrections and Community Services, and they became the preferred source for all drug test kit orders, building packages for courts, rehabilitation facilities and hospitals.


In 2015, the Ellenville Center surpassed $1 million in annual sales of drug test kits for the first time. This record-breaking achievement is attributed to The Arc of Ulster-Greene’s partnership with NYSID.


Our Ellenville Center helps numerous businesses meet their packaging and production goals. In addition to basic assembly, bagging, packaging and shipping, we also offer the following services:


  • Blister Packing
  • Business Mailing Preparation
  • Collating and Labeling
  • Fulfillment
  • Inspection and Sorting
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Skin and Vacuum Packing
  • Sorting

Ellenville Center
46 Canal Street
Ellenville, NY 12428
(845) 647-7711